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Mark Dixon shared this beautiful rainbow that one of his clients landed!  Jealous...
Gavin Steele sent us a bunch of nice fish pics.  This wasnt even the biggest fish, just the nicest picture!
Taylor Chew has been guiding at Fish Denali up in Alaska and sending us pictures of gorgeous grayling!  Thanks a ton!
Tom Peachy is another local here catching some nice redside trout from the Deschutes!

What Our Customers Are Saying...
6/17/2017  "We ordered on 6/5/2017, they shipped the same day! I placed an order from another online fly site and it took 3 weeks. Bigy gets all of my business from this point forward." - Joe
6/12/2017  "Hey Guys, I just want you to know that y'all are in a league of your own. I've looked around and there aren't other companies selling flies for the price that you guys are. I'm a devoted follower. Keep up the good work! Thanks for Austin, TX" - Corbin Seliga
6/9/2017  "Just wanted to say thanks for your great fly selection and outstanding service.  I'm on the streams several times every week, and when I'm running low on particular flies I know I can count on Big Y to get a shipment to me in a crazy fast manner.  Keep up the good work!" - Jon
5/30/2017 "Thank you Ben, for your prompt response . I wish all companies had your integrity and were as candid and responsive to their customers as you folks seem to be.  Rest assuredly, that I will spread the "good word” about Big Y Flies among my friends. Sincerely," - Rip
5/29/2017 "Sam and Jake, Thank you both for all of your help in making sure we have the flies we need for our Project Healing Waters Fly  Fishing Event on June 10th.  Your support and generosity are so greatly appreciated, we couldn't provide our Veteran Participants these opportunities to decompress on the water without patriots like yourselves. I will be in touch and thank you again for your assistance! Very respectfully" - Andrew Laffey
Thanks to our awesome customers; check out over 100 pages of their testimonials.

Sunray Microslik International Fly Line
Reviewer: Doug    (Colorado)
Effortless casts, with extreme precision is how I would describe this line, have never enjoyed dry fly fishing more, nor caught more fish than when I started using this.

Reviewer: Poppquiz    (South)
Have had good luck with this fly. Very visible to those aging eyes. Floats well and the fish doesn't seem to mind the hi viz parachute.

Laser Midge
Reviewer:  Mr. Clean    (NorCal)
I wish I had a picture of the size of the brown trout that hit the size 20 laser Midge on the very technical Manzanita Lake, Lassen Park. The hit was frighting. Ripped drag. One aerial before he dove into nasty submurged tree trunk, really big. That day they only hit the laser. Its color eerily matches the hatch on that lake.

Reviewer: Andrew    (Oregon)
This is easily the best liquid floatant out there. Its thicker than aquel and gink and definitely lasts longer. Worth the extra $ for sure!

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