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Photos of friends and customers of Big Y Fly Co. catching fish and enjoying their favorite places with Big Y Flies.   Email us yours, if we use it a free assortment fo flies will be heading your way.
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August 2018 #1
Matt linked-up with this Bull Trout.
August 2018 #2
Brooks, with a stunning rainbow.
August 2018 #3
Joe, with a huge brown.
August 2018 #4
Ron, with an absolute beast of a rainbow.
July 2018 #1
Gavin has been catching bigger fish every time he gets out!  This hog is about as good as it gets.
July 2018 #2
Jared showing off a nice Colorado brown trout
July 2018 #3
Peter sent this picture of a nice Oregon Wild Rainbow Trout!
July 2018 #4
Sarah went to brown town and looks like she will be heading back again!
June 2018 #1
Steve with a nice Northern Colorado tailwater trout caught on a size 20 Adams while sporting the Big Y hat!
June 2018 #2
John holding a bucket list Dorado caught in beautiful Argentina using a Saltwater Diver
June 2018 #3
Dory with his PR smallie using a green clouser in Waugoshance Point, Michigan.
June 2018 #4
Steven landed this beautiful BC Steelhead on his second day using a spey rod thanks to the black burnt chicken.
May 2018 #1
Angler Mark Thornton and guide Eli Crumley of Blackhawk Fly Fishing with this nice brown caught on a Purple Haze Soft Hackle
May 2018 #2
Graeme sent us this lovely release of a brown trout
May 2018 #3
William is holding up one slab of a rainbow trout caught on a black woolly bugger.
May 2018 #4
William showing us a very nice action shot as he gets all zen before finals week
April 2018 #1
Wow, just wow
April 2018 #2
We have ourselves one happy fisherman!
April 2018 #3
Jess is one stoked angler!  Please click the pic and read his story
April 2018 #4
A happy angler with a great brown trout!
March 2018 #1
Riley caught this fatty rainbow on the Colorado River! 
March 2018 #2
Nicholas with another nice steelhead from the Lost Coast in NorCal
March 2018 #3
Nick caught this gorgeous brookie on a recent trip!  What a great fish and picture!
March 2018 #4
Isaac shows us that fly fishing is not always about trout!  Big ole bucketmouths are just as cool!
February 2018 #1
Brooks is enjoying his new Big Y Standard Reel and Ozarks Fly Assortment!
February 2018 #2
Kevin has been sending us pics of some excellent brown trout!
February 2018 #3
There is a special place in our hearts for wild, native brookies
February 2018 #4
I would have never guessed this to be Texas!  Thanks for sharing, Leo!
January 2018 #1
Let's just say that we know of someone raising their kids right!
January 2018 #2
Little fish can be beautiful too!  This rainbow is nearly perfect!
January 2018 #3
We all love big brown trout!  JC Mas provides for us.
January 2018 #4
Kyle provided this picture to us of a camper at his summer camp!  Lucky guy doesn't even know that's a fish of a lifetime!
December 2017 #1
Aprille Shaffer and the fishing snowman want us all to have a wonderful winter!
December 2017 #2
Victor is a striper slayer!!!  We don't see enough pics of stripers on flies around here!  Glad that Victor could share with us!
December 2017 #3
Kevin is one of our customers that makes us jealous more than he knows!  He wanted to let us know that "High water + Sculpzilla = High Rewards!"
December 2017 #4
Tarek is one of those lucky guys that can go catch something like this on his lunch break... don't hate...
November 2017 #1
Alain le Brun shows the Americans how they do it in Canada!  Although he did go to New York to catch this badboy!
November 2017 #2
Mark McDougall caught this beauty on a Rainbow Prince.  Connetquot River in New York
November 2017 #3
Tejus Kayiti
November 2017 #4
K.K. Boyd with a new woman's IGFA 6. tippet world record brook trout!
October 2017 #1
Gabriel Jacoby caught this nice rainbow!
October 2017 #2
Grant Cowan showing off another nice fish with a great pic!
October 2017 #3
Kyle Bender making us all jealous with this nice Muskie!
October 2017 #4
Here is what Natt has to say:

I am a senior at the University of Pittsburgh and I was lucky enough to join the The Panther Fly Fishing club at Pitt.  Last Friday, two other members (Mike Nackoul who is the other gentleman in the picture and Tejus Kayiti) of the club and myself decided to do a little day trip and go after some trout.  This fish was caught in _______ State Park in Pennsylvania.  Again, I was using a hot wire copper john (I forget what size) that I ordered.  Actually, it was my first ever order with BigYFly too.  You guys came highly recommended from some of the members of the Panther Fly Fishing Club, and I definitely am impressed!  But catching this fish was actually pretty cool because when we came up to the hole there was a spin fisherman there and he said I've seen a giant fish in here but he won't give me the time of day.  Sure enough, ten minutes later I hooked up with it. It was an awesome fish and one I'll never forget!  Photo creds go to Tejus Kayiti

September 2017 #1
Amanda showing off her first salmon, caught on a Big Y Fly!
September 2017 #2
Chris got this nice fish when visiting a friend in Colorado over Labor Day
September 2017 #3
Connor showing off a beauty of a Kern River, CA Rainbow
September 2017 #4
One of the infamous giants of Spruce Creek!
August 2017 #1
Creg Phares has shared some great pics from a summer full of great trips!
August 2017 #2
Sometimes names and locations must be withheld in order to protect the innocent... 
August 2017 #3
Another Hog-zilla from one of our hog slayers, Ken.  A huge fish on a small fly, Black #18 RS-2!
August 2017 #4
Matthew Payne shared this great picture of a very excited 8 year old angler named Brayden!! 
Displaying 1 - 52 of 415 
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