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Photos of friends and customers of Big Y Fly Co. catching fish and enjoying their favorite places with Big Y Flies.   Email us yours, if we use it a free assortment fo flies will be heading your way.
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January 2022 #1
Jason with one of the many big brown trout that were caught recently with Big Y Flies
January 2022 #2
Dryden is just as impressed with this big rainbow trout as we are!  What a catch from a recent trip to the Tuckasegee in Sylvia, NC!
January 2022 #3
The Sturgeon King himself with a nice Oregon brown trout caught on Big Y Flies
January 2022 #4
Thomas may have caught the biggest brown trout last month on Big Y Flies!  This NY brown ate a prince nymph.  They always fall for the prince nymph...
December 2021 #1
Derrick sent us some fantastic pictures of nice trout in Colorado.
December 2021 #2
Lana is only 11 and has a monster brook trout like this under her wading belt!
December 2021 #3
Ron with a gorgeous striper in an iconic location!  Thanks for sharing. 
December 2021 #4
The legendary Stu Apte with one of his many bonefish caught on Big Y Flies.  Thank you for all of your support over the years Stu!
November 2021 #1
Dylan submitted this picture of his buddy Mitch with a monster Carp
November 2021 #2
G sent in this picture he took of his friend with a great looking brook trout caught in a high elevation lake in UT.

November 2021 #3
Tarek with a nice brown on the Owyhee River. Caught using a Sculpin Bunny
November 2021 #4
Taylor with her personal best native rainbow trout
October 2021 #1
Alexis with her personal best brown that she caught on a streamer on the South Fork of the Snake a couple weeks ago!
October 2021 #2
Justin sent in this shot of him and his fishing buddies during an epic day on the water. 
October 2021 #3
Timothy submitted this great picture of a Largemouth Bass caught in VA. Nicely done!
October 2021 #4
Tyler with his first brown on the Owyhee. We're sure there are more to come!
September 2021 #1

Caleb showing off some great smallmouth bass out of North Carolina.  Excellent!

September 2021 #2

Clay sent us this great shot of last light on the Firehole River, Yellowstone National Park.
September 2021 #3

DD with another winner out of Colorado.  It is hard to choose which of his pictures to choose!
September 2021 #4

John shows us that there is some great trout fishing to be had in New Jeresey!
August 2021 #1

Graham sent us a little haiku with the picture:

Big y fly
Bottom line you get
Hogs all day
August 2021 #2

John sent us this wonderful picture titled:   Fish on with high summer flows Putah creek CA

August 2021 #3

Mary Ann caught this monster trout near Ketchum, Idaho.  The smile on her face says it all.

August 2021 #4

Scott sent us this picture of Geoff holding one of the nicest trout that Colorado has to offer!

July 2021 #1

Summer's (age 9) first trout on the dry fly. A nice northern New Hampshire brookie.

July 2021 #2

DD with another Colorado Hog, and another amazing shot!

July 2021 #3

Kenneth's PB brown on a tungsten BH Pat’s while Euro Nymphing in Idaho!  What a beast indeed!

July 2021 #4
Warren putting those Big Y Fly bugs to work!  Well done young man.
June 2021 #1
Chris with a super nice shot of a bright Utah rainbow trout!!
June 2021 #2
Joylnne with a shot from a "life-changing trip for monster steelhead in Alaska!"  A fish that nice certainly is life-changing.  Congrats!
June 2021 #3
Trice is showing us that even trout can grow bigger in Texas!  This monster came from the Guadalupe River.  
June 2021 #4
Tyler caught this wonderful little Gila trout in the remote canyons of Arizona. 
May 2021 #1
Alysse caught this wonderful rainbow from the Boise River.  She is still learning to fly fish, but this big rainbow will help flatten the learning curve.

May 2021 #2
Christina caught this rainbow trout on the Colorado River in Arizona, just above the Grand Canyon. 
May 2021 #3
DD caught this one a little further upstream on the Colorado than the previous winner.  This one came from the Blue River area of Colorado.
May 2021 #4
Nikolai with the Metolius River rainbow in the tennis racket net for the win!!!
April 2021 #1
Connor sent us this nice shot of a Pennsylvania Brown Trout!
April 2021 #2
Dejan with a wonderful Lake Trout from the deep woods of Maine!
April 2021 #3
Dustin with an impressive Great Lakes Steelhead!  Nice bright and shiny rainbow colors on a bleak, grey day.
April 2021 #4
Scott is representing the West Coast this month with this colorful California Rainbow Trout. 
March 2021 #1
Ben is one of the most excited young anglers that we have run into.  This is one fishy teen and he gets some good pictures too!
March 2021 #2
Brian is one of the best guides out there.  If you are in Sedona, AZ, give Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures a call.  Glad to see he gets to fish occasionally...
March 2021 #3
Dan is a local that ran into this winter steelhead recently.  He roasts coffee as well as he fishes.  Check out Blue Lava Coffee Roasters to support a humble angler and for some great coffee...  
March 2021 #4
Ryan sent us this great shot from California.  What a great shot and a big smile.  Thanks for sharing Ryan!
February 2021 #1
Ben is pretty happy considering the snowy, cold conditions.  I bet the nice trout has something to do with that smile.  Another winner from Colorado that ate an Atomic Pheasant Tail.
February 2021 #2
JT wanted to keep this chrome bright steelhead top secret.  The picture alone will be sufficient...
February 2021 #3
Mike sent us this nice picture of a spunky trout.  A great day of winter trout fishing in Colorado.  This one ate a Rainbow Warrior.
February 2021 #4
Shel sent us a picture of his personal best brown trout from upstate NY.  This big brown toad ate an Estaz Egg/Nymph pattern. 
January 2021 #1
Ben caught this nice Redside Trout on the Deschutes recently.  Our local crew has been crushing it lately!
January 2021 #2
Another gorgeous trophy rainbow trout from the South Texas Guadalupe River, with "Chasing Scales Guide Service”! This fish took a size 22 rainbow warrior on a dead drift, provided by Big Y Fly Co!

January 2021 #3
Mike sent us this great photo of his grandson with one of his first trout.  We love pictures like this!
January 2021 #4
Pete is going to keep winning the photo contest if he keeps sending in pictures like this...  Pyramid Lake is where the magic happens.
December 2020 #1
Corey is showing us what a fresh, chrome bright steelhead is supposed to look like.  This one ate a Crystal Meth pattern. 
December 2020 #2
Josh shared this nice shot from Southeast Idaho.  Whether it's the Henry's Fork or the South Fork of the Snake, it is a great place to be fishing!
December 2020 #3
Rick is sure helping us picture a warm tropical flat with tailing redfish, a great place to be right now.  It makes this cold winter feel a little longer...
December 2020 #4
This meat-eating brookie was caught in North Carolina!  Thanks to @WetNetsFlyCo on Instagram for sharing!
November 2020 #1
Cameron is putting his new Redington Dually II and Big Y General reel to the test against a fresh salmon in Southeast Alaska. 
November 2020 #2
Elaine is stoked to catch this nice bass.  We all would be stoked to catch one that nice! Jeff Campbell took the photo and built that nice boat too.
November 2020 #3
Leslie with her first steelhead on a cold day fishing a Great Lakes tributary stream! 
November 2020 #4
Tarek says "Farewell for now old friend" to a gorgeous Idaho rainbow trout.
October 2020 #1
Brian sent us this great picture of a nice snook that he caught during a gorgeous sunset.
October 2020 #2
This salmon is desperately trying to make it to the spawning grounds by jumping the falls right up the road from us here in the Columbia River Gorge.
October 2020 #3
Sheldon caught this gorgeous rainbow trout in beautiful Colorado.  Thank you for sharing Sheldon!
October 2020 #4
Paul sent us this picture of a healthy, bright 29lb Chinook Salmon from Vancouver Island Canada.  This hog ate a muddler minnow! 
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