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Sunray Microslik El Guapo Fly Line
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Microslik. A licensed technology developed by Sunray. Defined by extreme dry slickness. A dry, matte finish which reduces line flash and constantly re-dresses the line's surface. El Guapo 'The Handsome.' A sink tip fly line that casts like a delicate dry fly line. A highly advanced taper design that maintains loop shape at all distances, finally unrolling the weighted tip and fly at your target. The weight of the tungsten is concentrated at the tip of the taper, dragging the fly down to depth instantly. Maintaining a straight path instead of a sinking arc. A taper that defies logic. Heavily front weighted but casts like a presentation line. A truly handsome fly line.
  • Profoundly slick. Feels like silk.
  • Short loading, quick fire casting.
  • Minimal thought needed to place the fly.
  • Micro size welded loops.
  • Extra long rear section for controlled mending.
  • Bank or boat.
  • River or Lake.
#5Float55'90'9.0g - 138gns14g - 216gnsOrangeOlive
#6Float55'90'10g - 154gns16g - 246gnsOrangeOlive
#7Float55'90'12g - 185gns18g - 277gnsOrangeOlive
#5Intermediate55'90'9.0g - 138gns14g - 216gnsSandOlive
#6Intermediate55'90'10g - 154gns16g - 246gnsSandOlive
#7Intermediate55'90'12g - 185gns18g - 277gnsSandOlive
#5Float / S355'90'9.0g - 138gns14g - 216gnsOrangeOlive
#6Float / S355'90'10g - 154gns16g - 246gnsOrangeOlive
#7Float / S355'90'12g - 185gns18g - 277gnsOrangeOlive
#5Inter / S455'90'9.0g - 138gns14g - 216gnsSandGrey
#6Inter / S455'90'10g - 154gns16g - 246gnsSandGrey
#7Inter / S455'90'12g - 185gns18g - 277gnsSandGrey
Q. Does it come with loops?
A. Yes. At both ends.

Q. What leader / tippet should I use?
A. Do not use shop bought tapered leaders. They are too thick, too shiny and too wiry. Use Sunray Hybrid Tippet. Use Sunray Sinking Leaders to turn the floating line into a sink tip. 

Q. What rod should I use?
A. Any #5,#6,#7,#8 fast action rod over 8' will work extremely well. Available in June, The Sunray Volition was specifically designed for use with this line. Subscribe to our newsletter to pre-order. 

Q. What weight should I buy for my rod?
A. If you have a #7 rod, buy a #7 line for instance.

Q. How do I maintain the line?
A. They are guaranteed for 1 year. A wipe with a cloth sprayed with silicone periodically will keep it clean and slick.

Q. What is the core strength & how sensitive is it?
A. The core is 8% stretch braid 25lb.

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