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Photo Album

Photos of friends and customers of Big Y Fly Co. catching fish and enjoying their favorite places with Big Y Flies.   Email us yours, if we use it a free assortment fo flies will be heading your way.
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June 2017 #2
Gavin Steele with the money shot!
June 2017 #3
Taylor Chew from Fish Denali sent us this stunning picture of a grayling!
June 2017 #4
Tom Peachy with a healthy Deschutes Redside Trout on an Elk Hair Caddis
May 2017 #1
Bryan Lynch sent us this big ole' brownie from back east. 
May 2017 #2
Carla Gibson sent us this picture recently.  What a fish and incredible scenery!  Thank you Carla!
May 2017 #3
Jordan Miles Rymer caught a beauty of a Snake River Cutthroat and the picture gives us a glance at how pretty she is.
May 2017 #4
Steve Kagel shared this picture of him, his dog and a very nice trout!
April 2017 #1
Michael and Jeff Braman sent us this beautiful shot of a mayfly on a bamboo rod.  Great picture and thanks for sharing!
April 2017 #2
Kyle Sharp sent us this picture of a very colorful trout.  What a picture!  We are glad that he has been catching 'em up!
April 2017 #3
Trinity Powers took this shot of Jordan McCoy on the Big Horn River.  Things are going well for both of them!
April 2017 #4
Matt Botti is a Hood River local that secretly catches a bunch of steelhead, but don't tell anyone that he is a slayer.
March 2017 #1
Michael Potter caught this sweet rainbow this winter in Kentucky.  Go Wildcats!
March 2017 #2
Justin Pinkston has been having a good winter fishing in Tennessee.  We liked the scenic aspect of this picture, but he has been sending us plenty of fishy pics as well.
March 2017 #3
From what we can tell, Robert only catches monster trout.  Here is another beauty from the master of disaster.
March 2017 #4
New Zealand!!!!!  We all want to go, it's ok to admit that.  Patrick Moore sent us this picture last month and we can't stop dreamin...
January 2017 #1
David with his first fish caught on the dry. This bow was caught on a undisclosed WA creek on a Green Drake
January 2017 #2
Jeffery submitted this pic of his customer Roger catching a 24'" trout using a size 20 Parachute Adams on the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park, WY.
January 2017 #3
Ken with a huge Brown Trout caught using an egg pattern in Alcott, NY
January 2017 #4
Pete snapped this picture while fishing the McKenzie River in OR after this BH Soft Hackle had been chomped on by a couple trout.
December 2016 #1
Luke from ID with his first steelhead, caught using a pink Conehead Krystal Leech Bugger.
December 2016 #2
Steven sent this in after fishing the Davidson River in NC, a nice brown caught on a Rooks Blueberry.
December 2016 #3
Hayden from NC with a big rainbow he caught using a Hare Sculpin.
December 2016 #4
John from NC with a nice trout he caught in winter using a Circus Peanut.
November 2016 #1
Lance from WA sends this picture after a float trip with friends, this nice trout was caught with a Morrish Hopper.
November 2016 #2
Jake sent us this picture after he stocked his box before heading to the Valle Vidal in NM.
November 2016 #3
Dallin sent this picture after a trip on the Provo River of a beautiful brown trout he caught using a Swimmin Jimmy.
November 2016 #4
Ryan from NY caught this monster brown trout on a Woolly Bugger.
October 2016 #1
From Norm of 11 year old Thomas who landed this trout on a size 20 BH Flashback Pheasant Tail when fishing the South Branch of the Raritan.
October 2016 #2
Bill sent in this picture after a salmon trip in AK, he caught 20 plus fish a day using Clousers, Dolly Llamas, and Hare Ball Leeches.
October 2016 #3
David sent this over after a 9 day salmon fishing float trip on the Togiak River in Alaska.
October 2016 #4
Osamu from Japan caught this landlocked salmon on the Kesengawa River on size 14 Adams Wulff.
September 2016 #1
Tom with a big ole' trout caught in Patagonia with a olive Beadhead Crystal Bugger.
September 2016 #2
Sam with one of many huge steelhead caught on the Clearwater River in ID, using a Shake Rock and Roe by Spirit River.
September 2016 #3
Colton with a nice Carp caught on Bear Lake in UT, using a black Conehead Woolly Bugger Rubber Legs.
September 2016 #4
Andrew sends in a picture of his 5 year old's first bass on a fly rod. Caught using a yellow size 8 Stimulator.
August 2016 #1
Kirk with a nice Chum Salmon, caught on the Skagit River in WA using a Cotton Candy.
August 2016 #2
Jane with a bonefish caught in Xcalak, Mexico using a size 6 Bonefish Critter
August 2016 #3
Duke sends over a photo of his favorite fishing spot, a little place he calls paradise.
August 2016 #4
Colin at Glacier National Park in MT catches a cutthroat using an olive zonker.
July 2016 #1
Jeff with a 19" bow caught on the Raven Fork in NC on a Beadhead Copper John.
July 2016 #2
Harrison with a Striped Bass caught on Long Island NY with a Skull Mini-Sunfish.
July 2016 #3
Dalton with a nice Rainbow caught on a Black Kaufmann Stone Rubber Legs.
July 2016 #4
Jeffery snapped this picture of Grandson Max with a beautiful Brookie caught on a Hare's Ear
June 2016 #1
Bruce submits picture of daughter Catherine with a Landlocked Salmon caught on the Connecticut River, NH with a Pheasant Tail.
June 2016 #2
Kyle with a nice brown trout, caught on a trico dun when fishing the Little Manistee River in MI.
June 2016 #3
Tyler with a nice Michigan Brooke caught on a Bow River Bugger.
June 2016 #4
Cam with a big ole' pike caught in Northern Minnesota on a Red/White Barry's Pike Fly
May 2016 #1
Nathan D. with a nice bass caught using a TFO BVK fly rod.
May 2016 #2
Nathan R. with a huge Rainbow, one of many caught on this day on a RS2 Sparkle Wing.
May 2016 #3
Sam with a Steelhead caught on the Trinity River, CA using a Pheasant Tail.
May 2016 #4
Jon out of AR with a big ole' carp caught on a Near Nuff Crayfish.
April 2016 #1
Charlies with a 24" brown caught on a size 6 orange Turks on the Snake River ID.
April 2016 #2
Rob with a nice trout caught on an Eggo.
April 2016 #3
 John with a beautiful brown trout caught on a olive Beadhead Woolly Bugger size 12.
April 2016 #4
Marcus with a great shot of a trout, he caught it with a Beadhead Zebra Midge.
March 2016 #1
Jeff with a 26lb Redfish caught on a Big Y Clouser Minnow near Venice, LA.
March 2016 #2
Brandon with a nice brook trout caught in NC using an Orange Stimulator size 16. 
March 2016 #3
Steve with a nice Cutthroat Trout caught on a Parachute Adams near Amalia, NM. 
March 2016 #4
Colton using his Shu-Fly Switch Rod and a Olive Woolly Bugger, catches this nice trout in Pyramid Lake NV. 
February 2016 #1
Randy with a 28 inch Bull Trout, caught on the Blackfoot in MT, on a dropper
February 2016 #2
Patrick with a nice great lakes steelhead, caught in the dead of winter
February 2016 #3
Steve with a huge brown caught on the Raritan River in NJ using a Hare Sculpin
February 2016 #4
Franky submits picture of son Charlie with a nice rainbow caught on the Swift River in MA on a BH Zebra Midge.
January 2016 #1
Meng with a nice trout, caught using a clouser mini sunfish, on the Missouri River in MT.
Displaying 129 - 192 of 486 
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