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Thanks for all the great comments!
Actual comments from our great customers.  We thank you for taking the time to let us know.  We appreciate each and every feedback.


Thanks so much and Happy New Years!

Marcia Kindinger 


The flies arrived yesterday. What great service! It looks like I have found a new source for my flies. Thank you and Happy New Year.



Hey guys I'm not usually the guy who replies or boast about anything. But there comes a time. I have been using Big Y Flies for over a year now. Keep up the great quality  and fantastic servie. I have caught hundreds of trout on these flies. Can't beat the great prices and quality! I had a couple that I ordered out of hundreds that came apart. They were replaced with no questions or hassle on the next order. Keep up the great work. All you can say are flies you can fish hard and depend on.

Just received my flies I ordered. Thank you for the sticker! Happy holidays and tight lines Adam

Hi, just received my order and it's perfect!  I really appreciate how you organize the flies, number the containers and write the corresponding numbers on the invoice!  Makes it much easier when I transfer the flies to my boxes.  The quality, price  and selection of flies are terrific and your website is easy to navigate.  I'm certainly not one of your larger accounts, but I am a happy customer nonetheless. 


Mark Cantor


Hi all

Just a quick thank you note.

Received order today, wasn’t expecting it before Christmas.

Thank you.

Neville Bell


just so you know, I have never had faster service in my life......thanks John


You all are top notch.  Best service, great prices and a huge selection.  I am sending your site to all my West Virginia fishing friends.  Thanks for making it so easy.   Bob 


Just a quick note to say thank you.

I ordered some flies from Big Y for the first time ever last week. I ordered them on Tuesday and was catching fish with them by the weekend. The prices were great, the flies look great and the delivery time was very impressive. I shared the experience with some friends and they’ve already ordered and received their flies as well, and they’re as impressed as I am. I just made a second order today and I look forward to using them on my next trip. I will definitely be a returning customer.

Thank you for the great experience and customer service.  


Michael Rendon 


That was exceptionally fast THANK YOU


Don't know if this email accepts replies but you guys are really killing it. I'm waiting for you to drop the ball and you never do. Don't get cocky, but you guys are really all over this business.  Your flies work well, are inexpensive, and can be in my hands faster than my girlfriend can stop talking. Please don't implode;I'm counting on you.  Thanks. Mike Krol 


Customer service,

Got my order today, unbelievable service, thanks.  I asked for the veteran discount, after being 2 days late in ordering, and you honored it,  thanks.  I am a veteran and living on a fixed income, the discount was much appreciated.  I tell everyone I know about you, just wish I could do more, but again thanks.

Went fishing today and did well, getting colder here in Iowa, but the fish are still eating☺.

Chuck Becker 


You guys are a top notch company with a  high quality product, fast delivery,  and excellent customer relations. 5 star!!!!!


Yes... My ipad is old, so I used my phone to complete the order. No issues there. I have order flies from you over the last three years to complement the ones I tie. Cannot have enough flies (specially when my kids come fishing with me). Thank you guys, keep up the good work. Love the Big Y Fly Co.


Hey I just wanted to write and say how much I appreciate your reasonably priced Flies and more so the very professional way you run your business!

You were out of October Caddis when I was looking for some in late Sept, and your site clearly stated that fact and even gave me the option of being notified when you got some more in stock. Unfortunately I wanted some right away so I ordered some from another company " the Fly Box" what a mistake and never again. Still have not received my complete order 6 weeks now and have never received 1 reply to 4 emails . This experience  really made me appreciate my dealings with your company, I will continue to buy from and recommended you to others. Keep up the good work!  


Received today

thank you very much for the quick delivery - very nice flies



This past summer I caught hundreds of trout using your flies! Saved a wad of cash using your flies as well. Thanks Big Y Fly Co!


As a long time seasoned guide I have spoken highly of u guys for years…I have sent a couple Salmon pics prior and we are now into Chinooks and by Thanksgiving will start our Steelhead for a couple three months all on Spy….Love u guys and will need more supplies pretty soon…..John Z. 



My order (#156570) arrived safely and i thank you.

I particularly appreciate the neat tying for small sizes and shipping packaging.

Congratulations on your professional service.

Best regards.

Pierre-Yves Delhoume 


Hi Big Y,

I have been a repeat customer and love your flies. From everything from catfish to king salmon, your flies have always been the ticket.  I have a bunch of pictures of fish I have caught with your flies, feel free to check them out via my instagam @grantcow or email me at the reply address. I will definitely be putting in another order soon!


Grant Cowan


Thank you for getting my order to me so fast. Can’t wait to be able to use them. Have a great day.


Big Y Fly is fantastic for 3 reasons:

Great service with fast delivery of products,

Great flies

and the best prices for flies.

Why buy anywhere else-  just a great company to deal with.


I am not sure where the right place is that I can do this but I just want to praise y’all! I am so blown away with how amazing y’alls service is! Your prices are around 2$ cheaper per fly than my local fly shop and your shipping is  phenomenal! I placed an order and it shipped that day and received it a day early! Keep doing what y’all are doing and I will keep sending customers your way!


Hey Guys,

We like your shop and really love your flies!

They sure rock.

We are using them not just for fishing. My husband paints the flys.

I thought you mid like to check it out.


Thanks guys! Fish on!


Loved the winds article , spent many days 

in there in the 80's90s and 2000s. Golden's  up 

to 20"s,brookies to 18. Like the no name of 


Super fantastic service very fast shipping aND great quality flies. Caught my first steelhead of season on the fly this past weekend. Fly of choice clown egg pattern. You defiently have a customer for life. Thanks guys


thanks so much,great quality products at a fantastic price! will be hearing from me again.


Dear Folks at BigYFly, When I placed my last order, I was hoping I might see it in time to go fishing on Friday.  But I didn't really think it would happen. So, when I got home tonight and found the package at my door, I was amazed at how quickly you folks got me my stuff. Awesome. You're the best (and I tell all my fishing buddies the same thing.). Thanks for doing such a terrific job. Steven Powers, Falmouth Maine


Hey there just received the flies today. They look great. Not disappointed at all cant wait to use all the patterns. Cabelas who?? Lol


Great flies, top quality! Love em!


I have been on staff as Psycho-Social Facilitator for about

15 years twice a year for Casting for Recovery. Just saw

That you support our organization and wanted to thank

You. I put a big order in today and had made big order

When we fished around streams in Moosehead Lake 

In Maine.

I caught my biggest brookie ever on your Woods Special

In the East Kennebec//16 inches! I have s picture

And hope that will perhaps qualify for free flies

I don't know where to send pictures though

Be well and safe in this chaotic world!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Pat Holden


Hello team,

I just want to congratulate you guys on the amazing job that you do!!

I tell everyone to grab flies or anything fly fishing related from you guys! Keep up the good work!

Customer for life

Adam wells 

Thank you these are awesome mouse flys👍


congratulation for the quality of your flies, your website that is very user friendly and your very fast shipping from the state to Canada



My mind is blown. Ordered on Saturday. Order is in my hand today. I'll be using these flies tomorrow. Tough to wrap my mind around speed like this. You guys are killing it. Pat yourselves on the back- I'm so impressed. Thank you and tight lines. Ordered again today. 



Good evening, I just received my first order from your company and it is great can't wait to use them. Thank you so much this is the fastest i have received any fly order from any fly company. I will be spreading the word about your company and its beautiful flies. One question when will you be getting in some more of your articulated poppers in black or white they look fantastic, again thank you for a timely order and beautiful flies. Tight lines


you are the best,     thanks   dave 


impressed by your attention

you have me 4 life now

unfortunately ... im old

😜  Dennis

You guys have earned my loyalty-- great customer service, excellent value-- a pleasure to do business with. 

I continue to recommend your site to all my brother addicts..

John Beeman 


I made my first purchase from Big Y Fly Co. right before a trip to to California to fish the Truckee River at the beginning of August. I was extremely impressed with the quality of your flies.  They were gorgeous!

I used my ultralight spinning gear with an assortment of your flies and totally killed it! I am hooked on using Big Y flies; literally and figuratively! 

Thank you for creating such a set of superior products.

Tom Mohr 


Totally unnecessary but thanks a lot.  For whatever it's worth, last Sunday I caught 80 brook trout on your #10 coachman streamer.   Needed to use two of them as after about 60 fish the first one was pretty beat up.  That's why I always order a bunch.  Three weeks ago I caught 140 of them, with about 110 on the coachman.  I'm retired from the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources Fisheries Management Division and made my living counting fish, so when I'm fishing it's just second nature to keep track of the fish I catch.  I might be a couple off but not many.  Thanks again.  Marty 

Got everything very quickly - thank you for your prompt accurate service - Dale DiDonato

I received my order and as usual everything was great. Thanks again for all your professionalism. We have a meeting this Thursday for the Las Vegas Fly Fishing club and I will mention your website.  Tom 


Dear Big Y:

Thank you for your all-around excellent service. I order stuff from you when I'm in a hurry, knowing it will arrive in a couple of days and everything will be as it should be.

I especially appreciate the Bass Vampire, which is not only an effective warm water pattern but lends itself to comedy. "Oho," I say as I reel in a largemouth, "the Bass Vampire has risen from the grave and claimed another victim!"


Patrick Sullivan

Lakeville, Conn. 


I just wanted to thank you guys for what an awesome business you have.  I am continually impressed with the selection, price, and quality of your flies.  Almost all my fly boxes are stocked from you these days and I couldn't be more grateful.  A job very well done on all accounts and I will continue to tell anyone that listens how awesome you are.  Thanks again.  

As always tight lines,




Just wanted to say thank you.

I order a ton of fishing products for saltwater, freashwater bass and now fly fishing (sure you know about the addiction) from a number of tackle suppliers.

It blows me away that my orders come faster from you in Oragon then suppliers in my home state of NJ.

Thanks again

Ron Hughes 


Sounds great, I appreciate it!

I seriously love your flies. I stopped tying 90% of my patterns because it's just too economical to purchase direct from you guys. I'm also on the Board of the San Francisco fly fishing club (GGACC, 800 members) and heavily promote your site to our new and old club members. They're blown away by the quality for the price and thankful for the suggestion.

Saw that you guys are on Instagram now - let me know if you ever need a Brand Ambassador! I currently work with a handful of other outdoor companies, providing them with free marketing content in exchange for product discounts.


IG: @inert_motion 


You guys are awesome!



I just wanted to let you know that we received our order for the flies yesterday and my husband absolutely loves them. You have made a customer for life!   Al & Kay Wolfe, Montoursville, PA

Just received my Flies. Very pleased with my purchase. Thanks again, Dan Strawn


You guys are awesome!  The only place I have been purchasing my flies from! 


Wanted to thank you so much for quality products and outstanding service!!! We will never purchase a fly from anywhere else!

My husband, Shane, hooked into this little brown with a renegade from BIG Y FLY CO. 

7/15/17 Weber River 

Henefer/Echo UT 


I recently used two of your flies in tandem on a fishing trip in South Dakota. The two flies produced 55 trout in the 8" to 12" range over a period of two days.  Just in case someone questioned the durability of your flies. A happy fisherman in Colorado!!


Thanks you guys rock! Ann


Thanks,  you guys have a good business model.  Keep it going



You folks are the best!  In my 50 years of fly fishing I have found many sources and even tie my own, but you are the best source for flies I have EVER found.  I refer all my friends and fishing buddies to you because they cannot do better than Big Y Fly.


I've been buying flies from you for years.  Just wanted to say thanks.  Your prices are great.  Makes losing one on a break off or in the snags less painful.  But I really appreciate your quick service.  I'm heading over to the John Day for Small Mouths next Friday.  Needed a few more flies to round out the box.  You had the order in the mail and on it's way to me within hours.  I placed the order yesterday and I think it might arrive today.  Incredible!

Thanks!!!  Brian

Hey guys, I just wanted to give you a big thumbs up on all the work you do. I just put in my fourth order with you yesterday, and as expected, it went out same day. I put a testimonial on reddit, and thought I'd give y'all a heads up. Here's the link:





Been out of commission for a few weeks after doing a full split in the middle of a stream, so there is no inconvenience.  My son and I have always appreciated you professionalism and fairness. That is why we only use Big Y Fly.  Plus your flies catch fish.




You guys are the best! And you now have a lifelong customer! 

Thanks much! Dave


Thank you. I'm VERY pleased with my flies. I passed on your website to my boss Jay King who also placed an order with you. I will also share your website with other friends. 

In particular,  I'm pleased with the quality of the flies and the fact they are tied with a weed gurad on the hook which works exceptionally well here on the coral. 

I look forward to recommending your company to other friends but most of all to hooking some bone fish with your flies. I'll send pics when that happens. 

Thank you. 




We ordered on 6/5/2017, they shipped the same day! I placed an order from another online fly site and it took 3 weeks. Bigy gets all of my business from this point forward.


got them already that was fast!


Hey Guys,

I just want you to know that y'all are in a league of your own. I've looked around and there aren't other companies selling flies for the price that you guys are. I'm a devoted follower. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for Austin, TX

Corbin Seliga


Hey, Cam,

Thanks for your service, as always. I placed order Friday and received at home today, Monday. Off to the streams this evening. Doesn't get any better than that.



Just wanted to say thanks for your great fly selection and outstanding service.  I'm on the streams several times every week, and when I'm running low on particular flies I know I can count on Big Y to get a shipment to me in a crazy fast manner.  Keep up the good work!


It arrived.

Flies look amazing.

They'll get used tomorrow on some wild fish.

Thank you!


I "liberated" a box of flies last week. We parted company as I did my own "nymph" imitation down the stream.  I ordered some flies to replenish what was lost.  I am a novice fly slinger, but I was impressed by:

  • the speedy service from the left coast to the right coast (I ordered them Fri. and rec'd them the next Tues.)   and that over a holiday weekend.
  • the quality of the flies 
  • the cost of the flies 

A group of men gets together thursdays for breakfast, and I am eager to show them your flies.  I hope it results in some sales for your company.


Jay Stauffer


Thank you Ben, for your prompt response . I wish all companies had your integrity and were as candid and responsive to their customers as you folks seem to be.  Rest assuredly, that I will spread the "good word” about Big Y Flies among my friends.




Sam and Jake,

Thank you both for all of your help in making sure we have the flies we need for our Project Healing Waters Fly  Fishing Event on June 10th.  Your support and generosity are so greatly appreciated, we couldn't provide our Veteran Participants these opportunities to decompress on the water without patriots like yourselves. I will be in touch and thank you again for your assistance!

Very respectfully,

Andrew Laffey

Raritan Valley Program Lead

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing

FC2(SW) USN (Ret.)

Wounded Warrior


My order of 5/25/2017 arrived at my home on Cape Cod on 5/27/2017!



Don Hardy


Cameron: I just spent 4 days on the John Day River with my new Big Y Fly Rod. I was not disappointed. It is the best fly rod I own...thanks to you. It is so well made and casts perfectly despite my meager abilities. Tom 


I've been paying $3-$4 on nymphs at the local fly shop for years. Finally I found a business that saves me money but still catches me fish! I got my flies today at 4 and immediately drove to a stream and caught 15 trout in 30 minutes. Flies look perfect, they were cheap, and fast!! I've already told all my friends to come here and I will be back every time I need flies.

Supper fast shipping received my reel on Monday. Thanks for a great product.     Rob !!

BigY you rock!!!  I placed the order yesterday afternoon and last night got an email saying my order has been shipped…Thanks for the quick turnaround, I tip my hat to you




Damn, that was quick!  Thanks.


I wanna thank you for your extremely fast shipping and the tips you give me and personal signing of my orders. I enjoy shopping with you folks i ejoy doing business with you. I fish the east and westbranch of the delaware river and the beaverkill. Your hatchcharts have been of good resource to me.


Excellent quality at great prices. I work at a national outfitters store that stocks flies, but often does not have stock in the types and sizes I use. Delivery is prompt.  Thanks for you being here for we fly fishermen.


This was my first order, and I'm very impressed with the quality! Thank you. I will be using you guys again next time.


Just wanted tell you how great the flys you sent me look, and the shipping time is unbelievably fast. A very satisfied customer. Thanks !!!



Thanks for going above and beyond, as you always do.  That really should be your motto.  Have a good day.

Chuck Becker


received another perfect order, it even arrived on my birthday


I believe that when a company treats their customers right, delivers a quality product in a timely manner and is a role model for how to treat a customer for other companies they should be told. It's is easy to complain about things but hard to give praise.

I just want to thank you and your staff for the professionalism you show your customers. This is only my second order but definitely not my last that I have received from you. I am new to the fly fishing world so I am learning as I go, you are making my experience very gratifying Thank you again


Hey, Sam!

I possess the delivered parcel.

You guys R-O-C-K in the U-S-A!

Scott Russell


I’ve been extremely pleased with everything that I have bought from Big Y Fly company and have been sharing your website with all my fishing buddies.

Very impressive on how quickly you get orders processed.  Keep up the good work.

Fish On!!

Greg Copeland 


Love the flies and the service. Also appreciate very much the advice and suggestions for fly selection from Rob.  This is what keeps customers coming back to Big Y Fly Co.



I live in Canada and am impressed with the prices, the shipping, the quality of service and how helpful you guys are. A customer for life. Cannot wait to try these bad boys out this weekend! - Michael


Just wanted to let you know that I received the replacement size 13 right boot on Thursday evening.  Friday morning I mailed off the size 9 that came by mistake.

Shit happens I get that, but you guys handled it like a champ and stood by your actions.  For what it is worth, you have earned a lifelong customer.



Thank you. Your service is impeccable!!



Thanks. You folks are the greatest!

Sent from my iPad


Thanks for the fast turnaround—you folks are amazing, really appreciate it!


Thank you. Geez, you guys are quick to fill an order. That's a good thing. 



You guys are awesome. Always fast ship, always good quality flies for the price.

Thanks for the outstanding service.

Best Regards



Thanks the flies look great..

Fish on,



Good morning and thank you for the flies. I am very impressed with your service and how you filled my order. I ordered Saturday morning and they arrived Monday. 

Even more impressive was my request to separate them, which was done, but better yet a simple numbering system corresponded to the receipt so I know exactly which is which. 


Great turnaround! Ordered on Sunday shipped from Oregon to my house in Pennsylvania by Wednesday. On the water in the afternoon with the flies!

 Good quality. I will order again


Hi Rob - thank you for the fly's!



Thank you very much for your immediate attention and best service anyone could ask for…………..


Thanks for the great customer service!




I just placed and received my first 2 fly orders from your company. Outside of the outstanding prices, fly quality and prompt shipping. The hand written notes from the packagers (Sharon & Andrew)on the invoices was a very classy and appreciated gesture. I will definitely be doing business with Big Y Fly again.

Thank you and keep at it.



Hi, my name is Kyle and I have made many purchases through you guys in the last few months. I just wanted to say thank you for providing me with an affordable way to get started in the fly fishing game. Your website has allowed me to get a nice variety in my fly boxes without going broke as well as my dads! So I just wanted to say thank you for good service and fast shipping from Oregon to Pennsylvania!


Thanks folks ... got the flies today and they look great

Now to get up on the Poudre river with them


Ya' know Cameron I'm very impressed with your company. Not only are you both very accommodating and personable but your prices are outstanding and, hopefully, your flies are equally as well tied. As an aside your tracking system, wherever that came from, is amazing. I generally tie my own flies but failing eyesight and arthritis ridden hands have kept me away from the #18 Adams.  Additionally, now that I'm living on a terribly restrictive income, your prices are a godsend. All in all, you'll be on the top of my referral list and I wish you the best with your business. 


U guys are absolutely the best @ service quality and price. ( don’t know how u fill orders & ship in the blink of an eye.   Pleasure doing business w/Big Y!!


I just received my Nano rod and Redington Rise reel the other day and they are great. I ran over to the park and tried out some casting and the rod loads really well and feels great in my hand. I'm looking forward to putting some serious hours on it this season.....and hopefully some serious fish.

Thanks for the great customer service and the Rise reel in replacement for the Nano reel. Very kind.

Regards, Jeff 


I just wanted to tell you to keep up the Good work Really love your flies i have caught so many fish on them and i just love the company Thank you for all of the hard work you put into the Flies


I am fourteen I have been fly fishing/tying  since I was 7 I am really, really grateful for for the floor flys you sent me I really appreciate it because I don't have a big budget for fly fishing because as I said I am 14 I will always Remember this and recommend you to everyone I know.


Big Y Fly, you are marvelous!! My order arrived sooner than any other company I have ordered from.

I will be recommending Big Y Fly, CO. INC. to my fellow anglers. I will be happy to let you know how well your flies hold up to these Idaho wild trout. Jake has done a great job sending an invoice with my products and the numbering system is very helpful.


Mike O'Donnell


For what it's worth, you guys have an outstanding collection of flies at even more outstanding prices... I have "spread the word" to all my "fly fishing friends"... Outstanding selection, great quality, super prices and excellent service...  Don't remember exactly how I found you, but glad I did... - Bill


Really appreciate your EXCELLENT customer service.Will keep the orders coming.You are the best!!-Don Foster


Hey guys,

I received my order yesterday and I am very pleased with everything I got! Vest fits great with a ton of space to store stuff. Flies are awesome, can't wait to get out on the water next weekend. Thank you again for the great service, fast shipping, and as always the hand written thank you. Pleasure doing business with you guys again.

Thank you.



Hi got my shipment today,every thing is great,now just waiting for the season to start. Thank you, Dave 


You guys f'ing rock. Thanks for turning my order around so quickly.



Unfreaking real ,shipped my order in about a half an hour lol



Thx Cameron I'm really anxious to get out on the water and try out the flies.  You have a very diverse selection and people I know can't believe the prices. Told them to order from you and forget the big stores. Too expensive and your quality is superb thx again



Good morning, Cam,

    Just wanted to let you know that you guys are amazing. Always let us know immediately when out of stock gets in stock, quality and selection unbeatable and service is too much. I placed an order on Feb. 22nd afternoon and received the shipment on the 24th. How does that work??  Almost 3000 miles in a day and a half. Keep up the good work and thanks for being Big Y Fly.

A Customer Forever!



Received my 7 dozen flies on Thursday. Catching Pennsylvania steelhead on Saturday. Thanks. - Eddie


Good Selection. Excellent photo of each fly is very helpful. Bob


Just received my order.. The flies look great. Can't wait to use them on my upcoming steel-head trip in Idaho. Thanks Again


Big Y Fly Company has been a huge resource as I've fallen hard for fly fishing this past year.  I've placed 4 or 5 orders already and don't plan on stopping.  The customer service is great and the flies catch fish.  What more can you ask for?

Erik - Fort Collins, CO


You guys are awesome two day delivery


I just wanna say....I'm not sure I have ever done business with a company as trustworthy as y'all are! I can always rely on what I order to be shipped unbelievably quick! Keep up the good work and thank you for what you do! Heading down to Florida Friday to throw the 8wt in the salt...peace! 


your order arrived yesterday, great service and looks like great product for the price.  I'm telling my friends about your best service and I'm looking forward to getting out and putting them to the test!


Amazing! Just checked tracking and out for delivery today. Thanks, as always


As always, great service,!!!!!  Russ


You guys are sure making my retirement easy. I've been to Wyoming,Tenn. Maryland and my home state of West Virginia.If I need anything I have it less then a week..thank you very much..A customer forever..ENK 

Thank you for the quick turnaround on my order. I look forward to doing more business with you. Bill Mckenzie 

I received my order. You guys do a great job! I'll tell all my fishing buddies about you. 




Thank you again. You guys never cease with your unbeatable customer service. The hook selection alone is staggering,I will take you up on your offer should I have questions.

Customer for life,

Ben Happach 


thank you  and your staff.......superior products....and superior service....

all the way,  from texas

paul d  hurt 


Thank you very much!  Can't believe they're already entities.  Superb customer service!  Can't wait to see the final product.


Wow. That was fast! I just ordered a couple of hours ago and my flies are already on the way! Thank you!

- Charlie


Thank you for the quick response Ben.  Also, thank for the fast shipping on my recent order.  I would definitely recommend your place to my friends.

Take care



Gentlemen, this is the 2nd time I have ordered from you and just want to let yo know that everything is, as advertised, shipping is great, and the flies look, and fish very well.  I will continue to give you my business for all my fishing needs in the future. 

Thank you for being there with good products!

Barry Pettet 

Thanks, had the best year of my 40+ year flyfishing career last year with your flies! - Charley

Received my order in 2 days. Love them and the service. Will continue to purchase from you guys.


Got my flies today, Jan 5th, and they were AWESOME looking!   Plan to order some more shortly!

Thanks! Marshall

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